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From the other things I've learned about Welsh pronunciations, I would assume this to be pronounced gwen-EYE-ruh.
claraelizabethann  7/26/2006
Actually since it has "gwyn" (which is masculine as opposed to the feminine "gwen") it would be pronounced "gwyn-IE-ra"; it would have to be spelled "Gweneira" for it to be pronounced "gwen-IE-ra".
gaelruadh19  1/11/2007
This name is Gwyn-AY-ra, south wales, Gwyn-EE-ra north wales. No EYE in there at all, that would be Gwynaura/Gwynaira.
Auriel  4/25/2007
From what I've heard, it's pronounced gwin-AY-ruh in some parts, which is my favorite pronunciation. This is a gorgeous, lilting, fairytale name fit for a princess. If only I were Welsh!
SimoneKadele  4/21/2015

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