Namesakes for Haakon

Norwegian Kings and Queens: 8 kings, 2 regents
      King Håkon I the Good (a.k.a. Haakon)   934-961  
      Regent Håkon II Sigurdarson (a.k.a. Haakon)   970-995  
      Regent Håkon Eiriksson (a.k.a. Haakon)   1028-1029  
      King Håkon (a.k.a. Haakon)   1093-1094  
      King Håkon II the Broadshouldered (a.k.a. Haakon)   1157-1162  
      King Håkon III (a.k.a. Haakon)   1202-1204  
      King Håkon IV the Old (a.k.a. Haakon)   1217-1263  
      King Håkon V (a.k.a. Haakon)   1299-1319  
      King Håkon VI (a.k.a. Haakon)   1343-1380  
      King Haakon VII   1905-1957  
Other Royalty: 1 prince
      Haakon Magnus, Crown Prince of Norway   1973-   Norway  
Swedish Kings and Queens: 1 king
      King Håkan the Red (a.k.a. Haakon)   1070-1079