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I think this is a rather lovely and sadly, underused name. Quite nice as a first name and very usable as a middle name, almost regal-sounding really. :)
walesgal92  7/17/2010
This name is cool! A good alternative the the overused Adriana!
Chrila96  10/30/2010
In the video game Dragon Age 2 (sequel to Dragon Age: Origins), Hadriana is a mage from the Tervinter Imperium who uses dark magic to suit her needs, like most Tervinter mages (she is an antagonist). The Tervinter Imperium seems to be heavily based on the Roman Empire and Roman society, right down to characters' names: Hadriana, Varania, Orsino, Denarius, etc.
erb816  4/27/2011
It's really pretty. I also love Adria for short. Adriana is common and well known, this name is only one letter different but so much more interesting and beautiful.
XironDarkstar  12/5/2017

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