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Pronounced "Hahv". Well, that's how I say it. Welsh pronunciation is "Haav", I think, but I'm English (moved to Wales when I was three). My old primary school headteacher had a baby called Carmel Haf, which I thought was sweet. There are two teachers at my school with the middle name Haf, too. It's an extremely popular middle name in Wales, but I think I prefer it as a first!
DontDissMadison  11/23/2007
It is the middle name of Mirain Roberts, who is one of the backing vocalists in the Welsh band 9B138.
mairinn  12/2/2017
I like this name a lot, although it's very short and in my opinion should be followed by a longer middle name or be used as a middle name. Anyway, as far as I know it's used mainly as a middle name in Wales. It's a great name not only for a girl born in summer. I generally love the idea of using Welsh season names as girl names. I especially adore Gwanwyn.
mairinn  12/2/2017

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