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My cousin is named this. It is pronounced HAL-ee. Not sure if it's correct. (doubtful)
Mithos514  4/10/2006
I don't think that Hallie is primarily a variation of Hayley. Hallie was in frequent use as a given name in the 19th century long before there were any great number of girls named Hayley. Hallie was originally a pet form of Harriet, just like Hal was a pet form of Harry or Henry. It's only in modern times that Hallie and Hayley have become confused. [noted -ed]
clevelandkentevans  4/19/2006
The girls Hallie Parker and Annie James are the chief characters of the film "Parents' Trap" (1998).
iva_toneva  6/8/2006
My friend Hallie-Marie (we call her just Hallie) pronounces it HAL-ee, like the first poster. I really don't see how it could be pronounced like Hayley, but whatever.
wefrox  6/18/2006
Being named Hayley, I can't begin to tell you all how annoying it is to be called any other variation of the name. For instance, Hal-ee or Hail-e when it should clearly be HAY-LEY. It's not rocket science. I don't know how all these variations that are spelled to be pronounced so differently ever became variations at all.
hayley17  7/20/2006
Hallie and Hayley are 2 totally separate names. I like Hallie better anyways.
xKatiex  10/14/2006
I love this, but only if it's pronounced Hal-ee. In my opinion, the Hail-ee pronunciation and the Hay-lee pronunciation have different spellings. But anyway, I love it, and I think it's adorable with Rose as a middle name, Hallie Rose.
xHOWTOSAVEALiFE  11/21/2006
I first heard this name on Disney's The Parent Trap. I think it's a cute, spunky sort of name and definitely independent of Hayley.

Hallie combos I adore include: Hallie Kate (or Hallie Katherine/Kathleen nickname Hallie Kate), Hallie Elizabeth, Hallie Piper and Hallie Rose. I adore this name!
Belle  3/20/2007
Cute name!
Jasmine  3/20/2007
One of my friend's names is Halley, and I think it's really pretty and unique but I prefer the Hallie spelling of it. Hayley is way too overused and I really don't like it, but Hallie is a breath of fresh air. :]
gracielou16  6/11/2007
I love the name Hallie, I first heard it on The Parent Trap and thought it was kind of boring, but then I looked it up in a really old baby naming book, and it said: Hallie-Greek-Thinking of the sea

Which no one agrees with, but I think that definition comes from the name Helle. I plan on naming my first daughter Hallie, and that's the definition I'll use. Also, Hallie is a way better name than Hayley. They are totally different.
booka  8/20/2007
Hallie is one of those names you think "Oh, how cute and original!" And then you name your kid that and they go to school and get called Haily and Holly. Take it from someone who's name is Halley. I personally hate my name, and am considering converting to my middle (Rose) when I reach high school.

Trust me. Naming your kid Halley is like naming them Autumn. Nice name- IN THEORY. And then your kid comes home complaining about how they got called Holly or Adam all day. It's not worth it.
So Be It  9/2/2007
Love this name! It is cute yet sophisticated, the best of both worlds! However some people may confuse it with the horribly popular names Haley/Haily/Haleigh.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2007
Means "thinking of the sea".
forbalathegreen  7/21/2008
Halle Berry, a popular actress, has this name.
forbalathegreen  7/21/2008
Other spellings include Halle and Halley.
forbalathegreen  7/21/2008
It means "thinking of the sea." Possibly derived from "hallelujah" (alleluia, etc).
forbalathegreen  1/25/2009
Popular actress Halle Berry bears this name. Also, Halley's Comet.
forbalathegreen  1/25/2009
It's a nice name, but I'm afraid it will be hijacked by people who will use it as an alternative to the childish Hailey, or worse - pronounce it the same way!
bananarama  8/10/2009
Always thought this was a cute name and it would work for either a child or an older woman. Personally always thought it was "alley" with an H in front of it. Still very lovely :)
_0TophasNails_1  9/18/2009
This name is too childish for me, but my friend Hallie (pronounced the same as Haley) doesn't come to mind when I think of being childish.
Megan1125  11/27/2010
Even before the revamped Parent Trap, I recall the TV movie "My Date With The President's Daughter." Hallie was the titular daughter who convinces her father (the president) to let her go on a date with an average high school guy. Then she rebels as much as a girl can on a Disney TV movie.
KatarinaSu  11/14/2011
I think this is a soft and pretty nickname for Harriet, a name I have never cared for - in fact I find Harriet lacking in beauty and charm although it's popular among the posh set in the UK.
Hallie has been used as a nickname for Harriet since Regency times and perhaps earlier - Hal is a short form of Harry and the Hallie nickname reflects this as well as the usage of Dolly for Dorothy, Lolly for Laura, Molly/Polly for Mary.
It was even used as a Harriet substitute in the late nineteenth century, once Harriet had filtered from the upper and middle into the lower classes.
Just Jonquil  9/27/2012
I think the 'hayley' pronunciation of Hallie is linked with Halley's Comet, which is commonly pronounced as both HAL-EE and HAY-LEE.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2012
I was given this name, and I love it! My mom pronounces it HAY-lee but I answer to both that and HAL-lee. They're both beautiful names, but it's really hard for people to pronounce and spell when it's on paper. It gets a bit annoying. But I do like the fact that my name isn't spelled like Haley or something boring like that.
BriaLlama  3/11/2013
Um, no, Hallie and Haley/hailey/hayley/whatever creative spelling people are coming up with these days is not the same name at all. Hallie is supposed to be pronounced Hal-lee! Haley is an annoying, overused, modern and childish name that has nowhere near as much history as Hallie! Anyways... I think this is a cute name. I wouldn't use it, but I like it.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2013
Beautiful, beautiful name! Unique, too! I have a friend with this name and its pronounced with a "Ha" sound like in "Halloween." I just love it. :)
Gio123  9/19/2013
I never knew that Hallie is a diminutive of the name Harriet! (°o°;)Anyways... I think this name is really adorable and sweet. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2014
My name is Hallie, I love my name except I find it annoying when people pronounce it Hay-lee when it's supposed to be pronounced Hal-lee. The difference between the two, Hallie/Halle is it's spelt with 2 L's while Haley/Hailey is usually spelt with 1 L.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2015
My niece is named Haylyn and she goes by Hallie. Her full name is Haylyn Marie so when she grows up her name can transform from Hallie to Haylyn.
misschefpz  7/11/2015
My name is Hallie and I have to tell you, do not name your kids this. People confuse it with Hailee and it's super annoying! I should have converted to my middle (Rose) a long time ago but I haven't. I'll agree it's a pretty name and I like the nickname Hal but it's really hard because when I'm in a classroom and since Haylee/Hailee/Hailey or whatever is a common name there's about 40 in each class and when the teacher calls out Hailee I raise my hand and so does everyone else. I'm always first on the list because of my last name and just... just don't name your kids this.
Hallie B  4/19/2016
I love this name. It's so cute and sweet. It's not too popular but not too unheard of so that's good. It also has a great meaning. I don't understand how the name Hallie could be confused with Hayley, which is pronounced Hay-lee, Hallie is Hal-ee and in my opinion much prettier than Hayley. No offense to anyone named Hayley. Also I dislike the spelling Halle to me it looks like its pronounced Hal... But Hallie is such a pretty name and I think anyone with the first name Hallie is very lucky to have this name. Just perfect.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2016
Hallie Eisenberg (born 1992) is an American actress known for being "The Pepsi Girl" in a series of Pepsi commercials during the late 90's and early 2000's.
Buneary  9/29/2016
The best spelling of this name in my opinion. If I were to ever use this name, I would use this spelling. H-A-L-L-I-E

Other spellings such as Halie, Hali, Halli, Halle and so on just don't look as pleasant.
― Anonymous User  12/1/2016
I named my daughter this and spelled it Halli. It drives her crazy that people constantly call her Haley. She wishes I would have spelled it Halle, like the actress Halle Berry. Oh well. I love it. I named my other daughter Fallon and people have mispronounced it also as Fallen.
Sweet P  12/6/2016
Hal-lee is how I pronounce this name. This name became popular around the turn of the century. My grandmother who passed away 6 years ago at the age of 95 years was named Hallie Edna. I always loved her name and I named my only child after her and my mother. Hallie Jean is my daughter's name (my mom's name was Elnor Jean). This name fits my daughter (who is 20 years old) perfectly and she loves her name. It's even beautiful to look at. I also love it because it is unique and not an everyday name. It's a name that is cute for a child but also elegant for a young adult and older person. Howard and Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory TV show just named their daughter Halley after the Halley's comet which has been mispronounced as Hailey's comet.. Yes, it's a pain because people call her Hailey but we just politely correct them. No regrets on naming her Hallie.
Pattycakes7  1/1/2017
Spelling variant and transferred use of the surname Halley. According to the Social Security Administration's name statistics, Hallie was used as a male given name in the US from the 1880s through the 1910s.
Nifty_Name_Nerd  7/26/2017
Hallie is a good alternative to Haley, or Hayley, but I don't really like Harriet that much. Hallie can be a nickname for Henriette or Henrietta as well.
XironDarkstar  11/18/2017
My name is Hallie - for years, it was mispronounced as "Hay-Lee" in my childhood and I just went with it since it was never corrected and just thought it was spelled out weird. I learned the true pronunciation when I turned 18 and was shocked - I liked "Hal-Lee" better and switched from that moment on. :)
yumemiruhachi  2/5/2018
Hallie is Hal-ee. My name is pronounced HAY-LEY- the L is a part of the second syllable not the first. The name Haley is pronounced with the L as a part of the first syllable. This tiny difference in pronunciation actually drives me crazy because when I explain it to people they don’t hear the difference and so they continue to pronounce it wrong. My nickname however has always been Hayls, which is pronounced as one syllable. Also, my name is constantly misspelled as Haley and Hailey which are the more common spellings which is annoying. The worst part is when people are looking at my name and spell it wrong like when commenting on my Facebook timeline, or when teachers that have known me for at least a year still spell my name wrong (I went to a small private school for most of my life, just to clarify that I am not judging public school teachers who teach hundreds of students a year, although I also went to public school and even teachers I got to know very well i.e. wrote me letters of recommendation for college still on occasion spelled my name wrong). Anyway Hallie, Halley, Halle are all pronounced the same as Hal-ee, and not all spellings of Hayley, Hailey, Haley are pronounced the same.
Hayley9  5/3/2018

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