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This is a horrible way to spell this name. It's one thing if it wasn't a word too. Harmony is spelled Harmony and not Harmonie, and that's that.
AndrewJKD  11/3/2005
This spelling makes the name look like it's said "Harmon-eee" or something. I don't think changing a name that's already a word is really logical. I recommend the real spelling if you want to use the name.
scarletquillraven  3/23/2007
Beautiful name, I like Harmony spelling better.
blkbuttafly  1/3/2008
Harmony is a 'word name'.

Harmonie is not. It also has no meaning, because the misspelling practically got rid of the meaning.
-Julia-  9/15/2009
Harmonie is simply the French word for harmony.
Arialblack  12/3/2009
This at least is a better spelling than "Harmoni" hopefully the spelling of Harmoni that is currently within the 2015 charts, doesn't take off.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2016

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