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My first name is Hebe. I love my name a lot. People say it is unique easy and it suits my character because I'm always cheerful.
rumbidzai  2/28/2017
Hebe Camargo was a very famous Brazilian television presenter and singer. She passed away last month. Personally, I think the name sounds much prettier in Portuguese than in English.
Buneary  10/21/2012
No offence to anyone named Hebe, but it makes me think of hebephrenia, a type of schizophrenia.
Caprice  10/7/2012
She was also the third and final wife of Heracles.
Myth Writer Dreamer  8/15/2010
Hebe Tien (born 1983), member of the Taiwanese girl group "S.H.E."
CarolinW  3/18/2010
Interestingly I found this name when researching my family tree. It turns out that the name originated as Hebe, but turned into Urbe and finally to Earby (when there was little convention for spelling). My great grandmother had this name (Earby), which I don't think she liked. She was known as "Herbie" to her friends. Earby's grandmother was Urbe and her grandmother Hebe - all presumably the same name, just spelled differently. Family stories say that the name was of French origin, but I am not sure whether this is true.
AmosNail  1/3/2010
This name makes me happy, I laugh out loud whenever I say it.
Rhona J  5/15/2009
Makes me think of "heebie jeebies".
number1212  12/10/2008
I wouldn't use the name if I were you, as 'hebephilia' is a term that's misused in the same way that the word 'pedophilia' is misused. 'Hebephilia', also known as 'ephebophilia', is used to describe the sexual attraction to teenagers, although it literally means 'friend of youth' or something. The idea is that the teenager in question looks clearly underaged. So, if you like the sound of this name, it would be much better to opt for Phoebe.
slight night shiver  6/1/2008
I think it sounds bizzare and odd. "Hebe" is used as a short slang for "Hebrew." Don't know about the lamb thing, sure made me passover that. ;)
― Anonymous User  8/15/2007
Hebe is Sir Joseph Porter's cousin in the operetta "H.M.S. Pinafore."
Kate  7/26/2007
Hebe reminds me of a lamb or sheep. Interesting that it means "youth" and was the name of a mythical Greek goddess, I can't picture it lol. If I every get a lamb, I'll consider naming her this.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2007
Well, honestly, I know it may be strange at first when your mind and ears have been introduced to this name but strangely it's really grown on me. I have NEVER met a person name Hebe. The only living person I heard named Hebe was one of the twin babies that played Agatha in the Nanny Mcphee movie. So this name seems completely unique. A lot of people could make fun of this name by saying things like, "Oh no, Hebes' got the heebeejeebies." So that is a minus for this name but other than that I would certainly consider namimg my daughter this name or I would use it as a middle name because it really is a beautiful and modest name for an above average kind of girl.
Cyneburga  6/11/2007

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