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Helle means 'hot weather' in Finnish.
Buried in Thought  7/27/2005
Now that is a cool name! I personally think it's pretty, but if I had a child I wouldn't name her this. You know, I wouldn't want her to be made fun of that sort of thing.
MusicRat  12/20/2005
Helle, in the Russified form of Hella (or Gella - with a hard g), was used by M. Bulgakov in his novel 'The Master and Margarita'. Hella is a vampire and the servant of Woland, the Satan.
Elfstone  2/13/2006
Reminds me of hell. May not be pronounced that way, but...
― Anonymous User  5/29/2006
I mean no offence to anyone named Helle but I laughed when I saw it. It made me think of friends of mine when I was little who couldn't say "hell". That's how you would pronounce this and it probably wouldn't go over well with the majority of people.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2007
Helle (the H in the beginning is not pronounced it's a silent one like in German) means a woman of Hellenic origin in other words Greek. Έλλη: Ελληνίς Helle: Hellinis.
lily25  3/29/2010
Sibset: Helle and Heck. Haha.
Dawson  12/18/2010
Due to the script of Ἕλλη, the name is not pronounced as "hell", but rather more like "Élli".
xsai  6/10/2011
I made an account just to comment on this.

Sometimes I feel like my name is quite weird, and I've gotten a lot of comments on my name. Like people don't understand that my name is a name and that it is normal.

In Norwegian my name is pronounced Hell-eh. So it depends of how you would pronounce it in your language.

But I like my name and I can't see anything bad with it.
HelleL  7/26/2014

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