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Yuck! This sounds even uglier than Bertha, and the "her" part looks just stupid.
bananarama  6/28/2009
Perhaps not exactly the nicest of names, but in my opinion, that's not a reason to call it stupid. And of course, being a German name, Hertha is pronounced HER-tah, so I really don't see a problem with the „her“ part, either.
that one  7/12/2010
Hertha is too similar to Bertha - a name I really dislike.
amazingtabby  7/10/2011
The name was borne by Phoebe Sarah "Hertha" Marks Ayrton (1854-1923), an English engineer, mathematician, physicist, and inventor. As a teenager, the agnostic Ayrton adopted the name Hertha after the eponymous heroine of a poem by Algernon Swinburne that criticized organized religion. The Ayrton Paterae, a geographical feature on the planet Venus, is named for her.

It was also born by Hertha Sponer (1895-1968), a German physicist and chemist who was the first woman on the physics faculty of Dukes University.
New_Chloe  10/10/2014

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