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This is the real name of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunt Hilda.
-- frangg23  11/16/2005
This name sounds so cool but I will never name my kid it.
-- number1212  11/5/2008
Pronounced HIL-de-gahr-də in German. [noted -ed]
-- mafiosa  8/7/2009
In Louis Malle's movie "Pretty Baby", starring a 12-year-old Brooke Sheilds as Violet, Susan Sarandon portrays Violet's mother, Hildegarde "Hattie" Marr. The movie depicts the famous E.J. Bellocq photographs of early 20th Century prostitutes in Storyville, New Orleans.
-- New_Chloe  3/21/2010
Hildegarde Schmidt is one of the characters of Agatha Christie's famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express".
-- CarolinW  6/17/2012
Hildegarde (782-783) was the daughter of Charlemagne and his wife Hildegard.
-- CarolinW  7/18/2012
Hildegarde (born Hildegarde Loretta Sell) was an American cabaret singer.
-- Lolth  10/13/2013
Hildegarde is not Swedish! The usual spelling in Swedish is Hildegard. [noted -ed]
-- Caprice  1/27/2014
Hildegarde (with a final "e") is the French version of the name Hildegard. This name is outdated and barely ever used in France nowadays, which is a shame.
-- Valmont  11/14/2014

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