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This name is kind of pretty, and it has a really terrific meaning! The meaning of "star of heaven" makes me think of the star that the Magi followed to find Jesus in the Bible. Maybe if I have kids (which is a long way off, I'm only 13), I might name my daughter this and call her Lani for short.
Pippin  4/9/2008
Australian actress, Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii and given this traditional name. I don't think it actually is on her birth certificate but I imagine it's like when a child is baptized they are typically given a second middle name, usually a saint. Very lovely name for a lovely actress.
samwise317  2/13/2017
Mount Hokulani is a location in Pokemon Sun and Moon. At the top of it is an observatory run by former Trial Captain Molayne. One of the trials in Sun and Moon is located there. Quite a fitting name for a mountain with an observatory.
Buneary  11/26/2017

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