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Disgusting and inappropriate name.
Curious me  7/18/2018
Okay this name has been growing on me, and it’s not an English name so I’m sorry for what I’ve stated.
Curious me  9/21/2018
Oh wow. Take away the A...
ThatMazerunnerfan  10/12/2014
Horea is the nickname of Vasile Ursu Nicola (b.1731-d.1785), a Romanian national hero.

Hora is a specific Romanian dance (danced in a circle), but Hora was also used to name the "event", the gathering (today's parties) of one or more neighboring villages. Vasile loved to participate in this kind of events, thus he got the nickname "Horea".

He was the leader of the population's uprising in 1784, in Transylvania, against the Austrian Empire of the time, representing the power of the peasants (the people) against the Empire and the ruling class. He was helped by Ion Oargă (Cloşca) and Marcu Giurgiu (Crişan). The uprising was stopped by bloodshed by Austria's army one year later. [noted -ed]
horea_stuff  7/27/2012
Name of the Day: July 5th, 2011.
AndrewJKD  7/6/2011
The real name of Horea, the Romanian hero, was Nicola Ursu (Bear). Horea was a surname; in Romanian "a hori" means "to sing". Nicola Ursu had a very nice voice, so people called him Horea. He is a very popular Romanian hero and everybody knows him as Horea, not as Nicola Ursu. Horea's popularity explains the frequency of this name in Romania.
anaiz  9/18/2009
Since Romanian is a Romance language, this name might also be related to Late Latin 'hora', which means 'hour.'

The name from the Romanian dance might even have been borrowed from German 'hurra', a word which was used to describe joy. The words 'hurrah, 'hurray' and 'hooray' all descend from that word. And since dancing is a joyful thing and was a common source of merriment, the word 'hurra' might have become attached to the Romanian dance, eventually becoming 'hora.'
Lucille  7/5/2008
The word is spelled horă not hora. :P
― Anonymous User  5/30/2007
Horea's name came from the Romanian dance, the Hora, where men and women would hold hands in a large circle.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2006
From romanian "hora", a traditional Romanian folk dance or "a hori" (to dance or to sing/play the "hora"). [noted -ed]
anishtephan  6/30/2006
Horea, Romanian national hero, used to play the pipe. The origin of his name cames from the typical romanians melodies he used to sing. "A hori" means to sing in old/regional Romanian language.
amritaro  3/28/2006

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