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There is a Hoyt Street in Brooklyn, New York. I don't know the origin; if I had to hazard a guess, I would say it was the surname of someone noteworthy.
-- AnnaClaire  3/31/2006
Hoyt is the name of a main character in Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy.
-- Lilith_Aveline  6/24/2007
The boy's name Hoyt \ho-yt\ is of Old Norse origin, and its meaning is "spirit, soul".

Hoyt has 1 variant form: Hoyce.

Baby names that sound like Hoyt are Hadi, Heath, Hewet, Hyatt, Hiatt and Hayatt.

Hoyt is an uncommon male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U. S. Census). Displayed below is the baby name popularity trend for the boy's name Hoyt. Click here to compare Hoyt with related baby names.
http://Thinkbabynames. Com.
-- hoyt16  3/13/2008
Hoyt is the name of a character in the TV show True Blood, as well as the book series it's based on. He has a bigger role in the show than the books.
-- Lady Jeeves  5/22/2011
There is a reference to this name in the popular TV series "Friends" in the episode "The One with the Jam." Joey tells Monica "I just always pictured you ending up with one of those tall, smart blond guys, named like... Hoyt."
-- clownes  1/8/2013
The name Hoyt was given to 94 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/20/2013
The name Hoyt was given to 124 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
(1) JOHN* HOYT. Added by Michael Thomas Hoyt II 12th Generation Descendant of John Hoyt through his Son John Hoyt 2nd Through his Son William Hoyt to his Grand Sons to Hiram Hoyt Born 1800. https://archive.org/stream/portraitsofemine00lclivi#page/n23/mode/2up

The earliest information concerning (1) John' Hoyt, which has yet been obtained, is that he was one of the original settlers of Salisbury, Mass. His age at that time can not be accurately determined, but from the fact that he had at least two children born previous to 1639, it seems probable that he was born about 1610-15. He was chosen selectman, March, 1681-2, and moderator of town-meetings, April, 1687 (the same year he died), hence he could not have been very aged and infirm at that time. Whether he came directly from England, or had previously lived in other towns in America, is uncertain. His name does not appear among the passengers on any of the early emigrant ships of which we have seen any record, and is not found on any of the lists of freemen contained in the Massachusetts records. He may have come into the country when a minor. It is, perhaps, possible that he may have been either a son or brother of the Simon Hoyt who was in Dorchester quite early, and who "took the oath of freemen" in 1631; but there seems to be nothing to warrant our assuming the probability of any relationship between them. The name Simon does not occur among John's descendants for over a century. There was a John Hoyt in Connecticut as early as 1650, and, as Simon removed to Windsor, Connecticut, it is quite probable that John was his son; if so, John of Salisbury, Massachusetts, could not be. Simon was some years older than John of Salisbury, and it hardly seems probable they were brothers.

From the Massachusetts Records, we find that permission "to begin a Plantation at Merrimack" was granted Sept. 6, 1638, — plantation named "Colechester," Sept. 4, 1639, — name changed to " Salsbury," Oct. 7, 1640. On the Salisbury records is found the following entry :

"1639, the third month.
"At a meeting at Merrimack of M' Simone Bradstreet, M' Samuell Dudly, M' Dannicll Dennisonn, Cristopher Batt, Samuell Winsley, John Sanders:

It was ordered that there shall be 2 divisions of Meadow, the one Nerrer, the other farther, the nerrest shall have fewer Acres to Each 100" [£]t the other left to farther consideration.

It was further ordered that vpland for planting lotts shall be divided
80 as he that hath under 50^ shall have 4 Acres, and he that hath aboue


50" to 150" shall haue 6 Acres, and all aboue shall have 4 Acres to Euerie 100".

Allso, it was ordered that all lotts granted to singlemen are on Condition that they shall inhabit heie before the 6 of May next, and such as have families that they shall inhabitt here before the last of October next."

The last clause may refer to October, 1639, but October of the next year is probably intended. John Hoyt had a family at that time, and must have been in Salisbury previous to the above date. The date • of the "first division" of land is not given, but the earliest subsequent grants are dated October, 1640. John Hoyt was almost the only individual who received all his earlier grants at the "first division." Most of the others received only two or three lots at that time, and the remainder some months after. This would rather seem to indicate that he was among the earliest to move into the town. The following is a copy of the twenty-third page of the original book of land records for the town of Salisbury : —

** According vnto the first division of the Towne of Salisbury there was
Granted vnto Jn® Hoyt a House Lott conteining p estimacon one acre
More or lesse, lijng betweene the house Lotts of Willi Holdred & Jn^
Dickison, butting vppon the streett & Anthoney Sadlers house Lott.}
Also there was granted vnto him a planting lott conteining p estimacon 4
Acres more or less, lijng between the planting lotts of Willi Holdred &
Anthoney Sadler, butting vppon the mill way, w^ y« Northermost end, &
The other end vppon the great Swamp : leading to y^ fierrie.}
Also ther was granted vnto him twenty acres for a great Lott conteining p
Estimacofi 20 acres more or less, lijng between the great Lotts of Willi Hol-
Dred & Josepth parker, butting vpon the river merimack, & the comon.
Also ther was granted vnto him a meddow lott conteinjng p estimacon
Two acres more or less, lijng between the meddow lotts of Rob ffitts &
Tho: Barnett, butting vppon y« Necke & the great Creeke, before y«
Towne : §

Also thev was granted vnto him a farr meddow Lott conteinjng p esti-
Macon two acres more or less, lijng beyond y^ Elders coue towards
Hampton, butting vppon y® meddow Lott of Tho: Carter & so is incom-
Passed w^^ the little River :

* The time of recording the grants, in their present form, is given in the following
Extract from tho town records : —

" the U**» of y« 2^ Mon : 1643 :

"l**: At a meeting of y« 7 men

"6^y : It was Ordered (That for y aTovding of all future contenc[o! I8)l That all
Grants of landes giuen bv the Towne of Salsbery shalbe recorded in the New booke,
By ye last of June [ncxtl ensuing : allowinge the derive a penny for every grant so
Recorded, and 6** for the Uoppie of every mans pticnlar grants, together."

T One page was originally devoted to each grantee.

X March 5, 1642 (probably 42-3), John Hoyt exchanged his four acre planting lot
With John Dickinson, for a house lot and planting lot, — the house lot adjoming
Hoyt's and lying where two streets met at "ffitts his comer," and the planting lot
Lying on the Merrimack. Thus there were two acres in John Hoyt's house lot when
He sold it to William Holdred m 1647.

4 These two acres were sold to " Willi: Osgood, Millwrite," Sept., 1650, deed
Acknowledged June, 1660.
-- Hoya  3/8/2017

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