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Iago is the name of the annoying parrot in Disney's "Aladdin" movie.
breakofday  12/22/2005
Iago is the name of the famous antagonist in Shakespeare's play, Othello.
aphroheidi  2/12/2006
I love this name, but the Othello association is quite strong. As Iago is a villainous character, the name bears bad connotations. Still, I think it can work well as a middle name.
EricaAlexis90  7/21/2006
In Spain it's written Yago with an y not an i.
6diablesse6  2/4/2007
Well, I would rather not use the name of a Shakespearean villain, as that is the association people will have.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
Yes, but Iago is an extremely smart, clever villan.
citizenchauvelin  8/24/2008
I love this name, but I concede that it would be much too hard to get around the popular associations people have with this name. I'd never give it to a kid.
TheCheshireKat  12/3/2008
Pronounced YAH-go (Welsh).
― Anonymous User  9/17/2010
It is a pretty cool name, but it unfortunately reminds me of the Othello character, as well as the parrot from Aladdin.
Buneary  2/11/2013
This name is also commonly used in Georgia - it was probably introduced to the country via Shakespeare's famous play "Othello".

In Georgian, Iago is written as: იაგო.

A known bearer of this name is Georgian artist Iago Dekanozishvili (b. 1951).
Lucille  6/5/2013
It's a strong and wonderful name. It reminds me Iago from "Othello". The form that I prefer is Jago (Jaygo). All of them are cognates of my wonderful name: Jacob.
Jake Fax  7/5/2016

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