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Given Name IBRAGIM
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Ибрагим (Chechen)
Meaning & History
Chechen and Ossetian form of ABRAHAM.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Ebrahim, Ibraheem, Ibrahim (Arabic), Abraham (Biblical), Abraam (Biblical Greek), Avraham (Biblical Hebrew), Abraham (Biblical Latin), Ibro (Bosnian), Abraham, Braam, Bram (Dutch), Abraham, Abe, Bram (English), Aabraham, Aapo (Finnish), Abraham (French), Abraam, Abram (Georgian), Abraham (German), Abraham, Avraham, Avi (Hebrew), Abramo (Italian), Abe (Jewish), Braam (Limburgish), Ebrahim (Persian), Abraão (Portuguese), Abram (Russian), Abraham (Spanish), İbrahim (Turkish), Ibrahima (Western African)