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In Swedish the name of the goddess is spelled with one N - Idun. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  12/24/2005
I believe the name is pronounced ee-dun.
HanasMom  3/21/2008
The spelling Idun is more common (at least in the Scandinavian countries).
Kirushka  7/2/2008
Idun is a unique name without being crazy. I like the name Idun Joy. It just flows well.
resolutionwritenovel  1/5/2010
Idun is the Norse goddess of Eternal youth. When the Gods began to age she would give them one of her magical apples and they would stay forever youthful.
Antique_Cherub  10/11/2010
Idun was the former Queen of Arendelle in the Disney movie Frozen. (She's a minor character.)
― Anonymous User  11/22/2014

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