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This name is also used in Croatia.
goricar  11/15/2009
Croatian composer Vatroslav Lisinski (1819-1854) was born Ignac Fuchs.
goricar  2/28/2010
Ignjat is an old fashioned Croatian variant of this name, not too common nowadays. Croatian painter Ignjat Job (1895-1936) and poet Ignjat Đurđević (1675-1737) are among the well known bearers.
goricar  6/18/2010
The full Croatian form of this name is Ignacije but by far the most common and usual form used is Ignac itself (over five hundred bearers in Croatia). Here are some short forms: Naco, Nacek, Nacina, Ignjo etc.
― Anonymous User  11/10/2013

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