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I think Igor was the name of Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant. Probably not a good conotation.
-- Anonymous User  6/24/2005
Oh, and Igor Karkoroff is also a character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books! YAY!
-- Emma Hia  4/3/2006
That green tubby assistant to the count on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was named Igor.
-- Zepton  8/31/2008
A famous bearer who was no doubt named after the afore-mentioned famous bearer is M*A*S*H character Private Igor Straminsky, called "keeper of the public ptomaine" by Hawkeye, and played by Jeff Maxwell.
-- Atarah Derek  6/9/2009
Any self-respecting Mad Scientist or old-fashioned vampire needs one, that's why there's a whole clan of Igors in the Discworld.
-- Patria-Sue  4/15/2010
Igor Olshansky is an American football player.
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2011
Hurricane Igor was a large hurricane that hit Newfoundland in September 2010. Because it was the costliest hurricane in Newfoundland on record (by the time I posted this comment), the name Igor was retired and replaced by Ian for 2016.
-- dwayne1996  9/5/2012
As the page mentions, Igor Stravinsky is a famous bearer of the name.
-- AlanPalgut  11/29/2012
Igor is the name of Catherine Deneuve's oldest grandchild. He is the son of her son Christian. He was named after his Russian great-grandfather.
-- Buneary  3/12/2016
Igor Vladimirovich Akinfeev is a Russian international football goalkeeper who is the captain of PFC CSKA Moscow in the Russian Premier League. He has spent his entire career at CSKA, making over 450 official appearances.
-- cutenose  5/28/2016
Igor Smolnikov is a Russian footballer who plays for Zenit in the Russian Premier League.
-- lilolaf  1/18/2017

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