Given Name IGOR

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Игорь (Russian), Игор (Serbian, Macedonian)
PRONOUNCED: EE-gər (Russian), EE-gawr (Polish)  [details]

Meaning & History

Russian form of Yngvarr (see INGVAR). The Varangians brought it to Russia in the 10th century. It was borne by two grand princes of Kiev. Famous bearers include Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), a Russian composer whose most famous work is 'The Rite of Spring', and Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972), the Russian-American designer of the first successful helicopter.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Yngvarr (Ancient Scandinavian), Ihar (Belarusian), Ingvar (Danish), Ingvar (Icelandic), Ingvar, Yngvar (Norwegian), Ingvar (Swedish), Ihor (Ukrainian)


Blue Exorcist characters, Discworld characters, Downton Abbey characters, footballers, Harry Potter characters, House of Cards US characters, retired Atlantic hurricane names, storms, Suikoden characters
Entry updated July 11, 2018