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This was the name of one of the wives of Attila the Hun.
Sarah Charlotte  4/30/2005
Ildikó is Hungarian character from the TV show "Susedia". She is played by Viktória Raková.
Ronja  6/26/2007
The mother of actress Drew Barrymore is named Ildiko Jaid Barrymore, but goes by her middle name Jaid.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2011
The name derives from the name of a Sumerian Princess, called ILDU- which means "Child of God". Ildiko is the Hungarian variant. The first part : Il/ El refers to the "Living God", Du or dumu means child and by adding the diminutive "ko", which means little, the full meaning of the name emerges and becomes ; THE LITTLE CHILD OF THE LIVING GOD.
Enheduanna  12/14/2011
Pronounced: IL-di-kaw.
HerculePoirot  7/22/2016
With 87 963 bearers, Ildikó is the 12th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016

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