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Means 'the Lord is my God' and is of Romanian origin.
alicia_84  12/7/2005
Some say that Ilinca comes from Ilie others say it comes from Ileana which comes from Elena (Helen). Some say it means "bright torch" (if it comes from Elena) and some say it means "Tht Lord is my God"( if it comes from Ilie). I like the "bright torch" meaning. :)
ilinca zirra  7/13/2007
Ilinca is the diminutive from Ilie - Saint Ilie in the orthodox religion.
The diminutive from Elena is instead Ileana.
Ilinca is celebrated when people are celebrating St Ilie:
And Ileana is celebrated when people are celebrating Sts Constantin and Elena.
DanielaG  5/2/2016

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