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Ilithyia looks awkward and seems too elaborate/contrived for a human baby, but I admire it all the same. It's a very ancient, historically-rich name; Eileithyia was originally a Cretan goddess whom the Greeks adapted into their own mythology. She was a daughter of Zeus by Hera. Sometimes she is associated with Artemis, who has been referred to as "Artemis Eileithyia".

I pronounce it "ie-LIE-thee-ə" or "ie-lie-THEE-ə", but I don't know if that's correct.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2008
It is unfortunate that a name with such interesting origins is hardly ever used in the country it comes from (i.e. Greece). The reason behind this is that in Greek, a word meaning, more or less, ''stupid'' sounds exactly like the native pronunciation of this name.
sylvia12  3/1/2009
I don't like the fact that the first two syllables of this name (in English) are "I lie."
erb816  10/24/2009
I just looked up more information, and apparently it's actually pronounced i-LI-thee-uh, with short 'i' sounds. Now, I really like it!
erb816  6/5/2011

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