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How immature are you that you judge names from other cultures by the standard of your own, and say "Oh this name is totally feminine"? Even when some of you have admitted that names like Joshua aren't feminine despite also ending in -a. Not everyone in the world has English as a first language, or even speaks English, so get over yourself.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2017
Ilya Kuryakin was David McCallum's character in the TV series The Man from UNCLE.
BabyBoomer  8/12/2017
No one mentioned Ilya from Fate/Stay Night! I'm stunned.
miyamosuiren  7/17/2016
So pretty. It's totally not feminine. Nobody considers names such as Joshua feminine so don't consider this feminine either. It's a pretty name that I'm surprised hasn't caught on over here yet.
― Anonymous User  7/12/2015
Ilya Yefimovich Repin was a famous Russian artist known particularly for his painting "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan".
speakofthewolf  3/26/2015
I think this name is lovely, and it seems to be particularly agender in my opinion. It has a very elegant, light sound much like many other forms of Elijah.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2015
I don't see this name as remotely masculine and it's not because it ends with an 'a.' I'm more than fine with joshua, ezra and luca and misha being male names.

I greatly see Ilya as feminine. I prefer it for a female.
ThatMazerunnerfan  8/30/2014
Ilya Nikolayevich Bryzgalov is a Russian born hockey player who now plays in the United States for the Philadelphia Flyers where he is their goalie.
Missy  11/17/2012
Ilya was the only son of Feodor III of Russia and his wife Agafya.
CarolinW  6/12/2012
Ilya Bolotowsky (1907–1981) was a leading early 20th-century painter in abstract styles in New York City.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2011
The name of Vladimir Lenin's father.
Missy  5/6/2011
Beautiful name... but sounds a little bit feminine. No offense to anyone.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2010
Ilya 'Gunpowder' Petrovich is the name of a hot tempered police official in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment."
Lexxy  7/4/2010
There is a famous Russian figure skater named Ilya Kulik. He won the Olympic gold medal in 1998.
dlilly  7/3/2010
Ilya Murometz was a mythical Russian hero, the subject of a symphony by Russian composer Reinhold Gliere.
Kosta  7/21/2009
This is the name of the Grand Duchess's cab driver in the Disney movie Anastasia.
dogstar21  6/13/2008
My brother was named for a Russian gymnist his father admired.
Tahemet1491  10/13/2007
A Russian name day for Ilya is 1 January according to
― Anonymous User  8/13/2007
Count Ilya Rostov is a character in Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace".
― Anonymous User  12/29/2006
"Ilusha" is diminutive of "Ilya." Please add it to the list of related names.
fayerman  6/20/2006

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