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Actress Imelda Staunton is a famous bearer of this name. In 2005 she was nominated for an Oscar for her title role in Vera Drake.
SeaHorse15  8/13/2005
A famous bearer is Imelda Marcos, former First Lady and political figure in the Philippines.
wiswina  12/12/2005
Imelda is the maid of Astrid and Robert Prescott in the novel Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult.
bibi66  3/17/2009
It sounds too close to the hideous name Ima, and it makes me immediately think of the ghastly Imelda Marcos.
bananarama  8/18/2009
The Irish rockabilly/blues singer Imelda May bears this name and it was also the name of Angeline Ball's character in the 1991 film The Commitments. Imelda is quite a popular name in Ireland.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2012
Imelda Marcos, famously corrupt wife of the famously corrupt leader of the Philippines, was renown for her huge shoe collection. If I hear the name Imelda, I immediately think of an evil, spoilt woman with thousands of shoes!
chocolatefrog  6/29/2012
I honestly don't think it's as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2014
Imelda was the name of a major character in the recent Pixar movie, Coco.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2018

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