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Indra is the father of the Pandava Arjuna. He has tattoos of many eyes upon him. He rides on a large white elephant, and rules over the most powerful clouds of all, the samvartaka clouds.
Morrigu  2/24/2005
In Hinduism, Indra was actually a goddess.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2006
Indra Nooyi is the owner of PepsiCo.
bibi66  8/15/2008
Indra Vostrá was the nickname of actress Tatiana Vilhelmová in TV series "Paskvil".
Emilie007  10/3/2008
I love this name. The meaning is pretty cool too. Definitely on my personal name list.
Doglover  1/2/2010
Indra is also used in Sweden (though rather unusual) but in Sweden Indra is used as a girls name.
Frozten  6/29/2010
Cool name. "Indy" would be a nice nickname.
Dawson  3/15/2011
My name is Indra. I'm from Latvia, my name day is 1 February.
incuks123  11/26/2017

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