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Two time Academy Award winning actress Ingrid Bergman bears this name.
Alena  7/18/2005
The name of deceased Queen Ingrid of Denmark, but born as Princess of Sweden. She was married to deceased King Frederik IX of Denmark, and she was the mother of current Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
Charlie1977  10/17/2005
The daughter of Crownprince Haakon and Crownprincess Mette-Marit of Norway: Ingrid Alexandra.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2005
Ingrid is an Italian singer who became famous for her pleasurable tango songs, which she performs in French.
iva_toneva  5/10/2006
Ingrid is the name of Astrid's mother in the White Oleander.
Cassidy  5/24/2006
Ingrid Cortez was the name of the main character's mother on Disney's "Spy Kids" series.
quigonjecca  5/21/2007
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland (Swedish: Kronprinsessan Victoria, Sveriges kronprinsessa, hertiginna av Västergötland, Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée; born 14 July 1977) is the heiress apparent to the Swedish throne. If she ascends to the throne as expected she will be Sweden's third.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
Another bearer of this name is Australian actress Ingrid Thornton.
donatella  5/21/2010
Singer Ingrid Michaelson (born: Ingrid Ellen Egbert Michaelson).
Musicboy1017  9/19/2012
Ingrid Pitt (21 November 1937 – 23 November 2010) was an actress best known for her work in horror films of the 1960s and 1970s.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Lilian Thulin (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈɪŋːrɪd tɵˈliːn]; 27 January 1926 – 7 January 2004) was a Swedish film actress.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Íngrid Rubio Ruiz (2 August 1975 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) is one of the top actresses in Spanish language cinema. She won the Special Mention Award at the 1996 San Sebastián International Film Festival for her performance in the film Taxi.[1]
She has appeared in over 20 films since 1995 and was named in 1998 as one of European films 'Shooting Stars' by European Film.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Íngrid Fliter (born September 23, 1973, Buenos Aires) is an Argentinian pianist. She began her formal piano studies with Elizabeth Westerkamp. Her first public appearance in recital was at age 11, and she made her concerto debut at the Teatro Colón at age 16.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Ylva Sunesdotter of Bjelbo (born c. 1180s, died c. 1250–1255), was a Swedish noblewoman, the wife of Magnus Minnesköld of Bjälbo and the mother of regent Birger Jarl. The exact years of her birth and death are unclear; a traditional year quoted for her death is 26 October 1252; it is also considered, though, that this was the date of her burial, and that she had actually died in 1251.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Ragnvaldsdotter (Old Norse: Ingiríðr Rögnvaldsdóttir) (1100/1110 – after 1161 AD) was born a member of the Swedish royal family, became a member of Danish royalty by marriage and later was Queen consort of Norway as the spouse of Harald IV of Norway. Married four times, Ingrid had a number of children who played a prominent role in Swedish and Norwegian history.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta of Sweden (28 March 1910 – 7 November 2000) was the wife of King Frederick IX of Denmark and the mother of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece. She was queen consort of Denmark from her husband's accession in 1947 until his death in 1972.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Gärde Widemar (1912–2009) was a Swedish lawyer and politician (Liberal People's Party (Sweden)). She was the first female Supreme Court Justice in Sweden.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld (born October 21, 1921) is a Dutch astronomer.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid von Rosen (sometimes cited as Ingrid Bergman; 17 January 1930 — 20 May 1995) was married to Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. Born Ingrid Karlebo in Stockholm in 1930, she was married to the Swedish count Jan-Carl von Rosen in 1953. In 1971 she married Ingmar Bergman. Ingrid von Rosen died of stomach cancer in 1995, aged 65.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid van Bergen (born 15 June 1931) is a German film actress. She has appeared in 100 films since 1954. She was born in Free City of Danzig, today Gdansk, Poland.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Rüütel (née Ruus; born 3 November 1935) is an Estonian folklorist and philologist. 2001–2006 she was the First Lady of Estonia, married to President Arnold Rüütel.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Newkirk (born June 11, 1949) is an English-born British American animal rights activist and the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world's largest animal rights organization. She is the author of several books, including Making Kind Choices (2005) and The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights – Simple Acts of Kindness to Help Animals in Trouble (2009).
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Mattson (born August 24, 1963) Dr. Ingrid Mattson, Ph.D. is a Muslim religious leader, a professor of Islamic Studies and an interfaith activist.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Jensen (b., January 12, 1966, North Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian jazz trumpet player.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Jeanine van Lubek (born May 12, 1971 in Roosendaal en Nispen) is an athlete from the Netherlands. She competes in triathlon.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Kavelaars (born March 20, 1971 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian film actress.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Chauvin (born 3 October 1973) is a French television actress, known for her roles in the miniseries Méditerranée, Dolmen, and the police procedural series Femmes de loi.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Margaretha Cornelia Leijendekker (born October 3, 1975 in Zaandam, Noord-Holland) is a retired water polo player from the Netherlands.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Alberini (born 11 September 1978), better known for her stage name In-Grid, is an Italian dancer and singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2003 international club smash "Tu es foutu", also known as "You Promised Me". The song was a big hit in Europe, Russia, Australia, Latin America and in the United States, where it reached #4 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2004.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Tørlen (born July 21, 1979 in Ålesund) is a Norwegian beach volleyball player.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Ellen Egbert Michaelson is an American indie pop singer-songwriter from New York.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio (born 25 December 1961) is a Colombian politician, former senator and anti-corruption activist.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (born 21 January 2004) is the elder child and only daughter of Crown Prince Haakon and second in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne.
sweetbabe  12/22/2013
The great, great granddaughter of the penultimate King of Portugal - Dom Carlos I - is called Ingrid. I imagine she is happy enough with her name.
Genealogista  4/11/2014
Ingrid Michelson.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2015
Ingrid Dracula is a Transylvanian vampire and the older sister of the protagonist in BBC's Young Dracula.
Ekorrar  10/24/2015
Ingrid Newkirk is the insane leader of the cult PETA.

PETA worships their leader, Ingrid Newkirk, as "Lordd omnipotunt godes ingrud newkurk, kreator end rulor oth everyfing evor end forser oth everywun ho izunt lordd omnipotunt godes ingrud newkurk tu burnnn inn hele forr al oth eternatyu".
― Anonymous User  12/23/2016
Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is the elder child of Crown Prince Haakon and second in line to succeed her grandfather, King Harald V on the Norwegian throne. A member of the House of Glücksburg, she is expected to become Norway's second female monarch, after the 15th-century Queen Margaret.
cutenose  4/6/2017

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