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PronouncedPron.ING-rid Swedish
ING-ree Norwegian
ING-grit German
ING-greet German

Meaning & History

From the Old Norse name Ingríðr meaning "Ing is beautiful", derived from the name of the Germanic god ING combined with fríðr "beautiful". A famous bearer was the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982).
VariantsInger Swedish Inger Norwegian Inger Danish
DiminutivesInga Swedish Inga Norwegian Inga, Inge Danish
Other Languages & CulturesIngríðr, Inga Ancient Scandinavian Inkeri, Inka Finnish Inka Frisian Inga Icelandic Inga Latvian Inga Lithuanian Inga Russian
User SubmissionÍngrid


Ingrid Bergman in the 1940sIngrid Bergman in the 1940s


actresses, athletes, beauty, Danish royal family, Elder Scrolls characters, Norwegian royal family, Overwatch characters, princesses, queens, retired Atlantic hurricane names, saints, song titles, storms, Supernatural characters, Swedish royal family
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