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Innokenti Orelov was a character in the comic "Assassin's Creed: Subject 4", and was called "Kenya" for short.
jjulia  11/19/2016
The name also can be written as 'Innokenty'. Also, the diminutive is not Kenya, but Kesha. But I see, that somebody already commented 10 years ago, but it is still not changed.
Seinfeld  12/21/2014
It should be known that this name is also spelled "Innokenty," especially for those in the United States. Moreover, this name has a common Russian pet name: "Kesha." In Russia and other Slavic nations, this name is exclusively for males. An interesting factoid is that it has now become a popular name for both parrots and cats. Lastly, there is indeed a famous bearer of this name, a very well-known (almost house-hold name) Russian actor named Innokenti Smoktunovsky, who is best-known for his starring role in the motion picture "Tchaikovsky"(1969). [noted -ed]
Innokenty  12/27/2004

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