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I tkink Iola is a very pretty name, pronounced the Welsh way, Yo-lah.
-- Mairead  9/6/2006
Iola was Mama's annoying neighbor on the TV show 'Mama's Family'.
-- xKatiex  10/12/2006
I think this is a pretty name, either in its own right or as a nickname for Iolanthe. Now that Lola and Isla are climbing the name charts I can't understand why Iola, more refined than Lola in my opinion and prettier than Isla in my opinion, isn't also on the rise.
-- Jonquil  4/14/2009
A character in the musical Parade is named Iola and they pronounce it "IE-o-la". The musical is set in the south in the early 20th century.
-- sqirrlie  4/16/2009
Iola is a very pretty name. It would be a good alternative to Iona, without the dreaded "I own a" jokes.
-- Anonymous User  2/19/2010
While it is rare today, Iola was actually somewhat common in the early 1900s and was briefly in the top 300. So the label "rare" is misleading. [noted -ed]
-- bananarama  5/15/2010
In Wales it's used as a female version of Iolo.
-- Pie  11/21/2010
In Wales, pronounced YO-lah.
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2011
Iola Morton is Joe Hardy's girlfriend in "The Hardy Boys" mystery series.
-- Kate  5/6/2011
Iola Leroy was the main character in the novel of the same name written by Frances Harper. It is about a girl, Iola, who was briefly enslaved just before the Civil War after her father dies and it is revealed her mother is a former slave of mixed race. The novel follows her choice to live as an African American. It is one of the first novels published by an African American woman, and a very good read.
-- britto08  9/25/2011

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