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Given Name IRIA
GENDER: Feminine
Meaning & History
Possibly a Portuguese and Galician form of IRENE. This was the name of a 7th-century saint (also known as Irene) from Tomar in Portugal. This is also the name of an ancient town in Galicia (now a district of Padrón).
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Eirene, Irene (Ancient Greek), Irina (Bulgarian), Irena, Ena (Croatian), Irena, Irenka (Czech), Irene (Danish), Irena (Dutch), Irene (English), Irene, Irina, Arja, Erja, Irja (Finnish), Irène (French), Irina, Irine (Georgian), Irene (German), Eirene, Irene (Greek Mythology), Irén (Hungarian), Eireen (Irish), Irene (Italian), Irena (Lithuanian), Irina (Macedonian), Irene (Norwegian), Irena, Irenka (Polish), Irina (Romanian), Irina, Arina, Arisha, Ira, Irinushka (Russian), Irena (Serbian), Irena (Slovene), Irene (Spanish), Irene (Swedish), Iryna (Ukrainian)
Catalonia  ranked #81 
Galicia  ranked #19 
Spain  ranked #69