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Meaning & History

Possibly a Portuguese and Galician form of IRENE. This was the name of a 7th-century saint (also known as Irene) from Tomar in Portugal. This is also the name of an ancient town in Galicia (now a district of Padrón).
Other Languages & CulturesEirene, Irene Ancient Greek Irena, Irina Bulgarian Irena, Ena Croatian Irena, Irenka Czech Irene Danish Irene Dutch Irene English Irene, Irina, Arja, Erja, Irja Finnish Irène French Irina, Irine Georgian Irene German Eirini, Irini Greek Eirene, Irene Greek Mythology Irén Hungarian Eireen Irish Irene Italian Irena Lithuanian Irina Macedonian Irene Norwegian Irena, Irenka Polish Irina Romanian Irina, Arina, Arisha, Ira, Irinushka Russian Irena Serbian Irena Slovene Irene Spanish Irene Swedish Iryna Ukrainian
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