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My parents gave me the name Irina because they had a book named Irina. I live in Holland and the name Irina is not very usual in this country. I don't like the name because I wish I had a name you hear all the time. But my second name is Lisette and that's a nice name so I can always change my name. ;-))
-- irinavanheusden  5/27/2005
Irina derives from the Greek word for peace "irini". It is actually Greek, but is very popular all over Eastern Europe and Russia. In Greece it's Irini.
-- igrozdeva  6/7/2005
This is the name of a flower.
-- wiswina  12/3/2005
I think that Irina is a rare name with poise and beautiy in it. I am not named Irina, but I do know someone with it as their name.
-- tommybabe  2/11/2006
A famous person with this name is Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya. Her website is
-- sineadleigh  3/17/2006
Irina Kazakova is a famous Russian contortionist.
-- n-dogg  6/15/2006
A famous bearer is Romanian-Canadian model Irina Lazareanu.
-- Anonymous User  9/19/2006
Irina is the name of Lena Olin's character on the TV show "Alias". The meaning of the character's name was part of an integral plot in the show.
-- SSF  12/31/2006
I prefer this name to Irene, because Irene is an old lady's name.
-- FairyGirl  9/20/2007
Irina Lazareanu is a Romanian-born model, known for her quirky, vintage-inspired style, and her friendship with supermodel Kate Moss.
-- Anonymous User  8/8/2008
Irina is a vampire in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. She is a member of the Cullens' "extended family" and a "vegetarian". She plays a large role in the ending of Breaking Dawn, the final book of the series.
-- Anonymous User  3/23/2009
Irina is a quite common feminine name in Russia and a very beautiful name that means peace.
-- Arcticwarrior  4/23/2009
I really love the name Irina because it sounds fantastical, delicate yet strong, and exotic but not too strange. It makes me picture a beautiful woman with long dark hair and dark eyes.
-- fon_solo  11/27/2010
I really like the name Irina. It's definitely better than Irene. It's sort of magical-sounding and also really firm and strong, but not masculine-sounding.
I know a girl called Irina but she pronounces it I-rin-na, with the first I like the I in 'pit'. I like this pronunciation too, but at first I thought her name Erina or Erinna.
-- clouds  5/1/2012
Irina was the oldest daughter of the first Romanov Tsar Michael I and his wife Eudoxia.
-- CarolinW  6/10/2012
Irina Shayk is a Russian fashion model.
-- overtheclouds  9/24/2012
In Russia it's quite common and always pronounced with the initial /i/, not /ai/.
-- Reenie_12  8/1/2014
I prefer to say it as 'I ree nuh'

Not keen on eh ree nuh. Sounds like arena (word).
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  8/30/2014

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