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Ishmael is the name of famous African American novelist, poet, essayist and activist Ishmael Reed.
ars musica  11/30/2005
This name is immediately associated with Herman Melville's most famous novel, Moby-Dick, by many Americans. The narrator of the book asks the reader in the first line to "Call me Ishmael." (It isn't clear if Ishmael is his real name or if the narrator has taken it as a pseudonym.) This is one of the most famous opening lines of all English-language novels.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  1/27/2006
I love this name! It is the name of 6 persons in the Old Testament. However, it is often mispronounced.
property_of_Jesus  1/10/2007
This name is really majestic, only it sounds a bit weird. It reminds me of the bible, probably because it is biblical, and it also reminds me of the name Isaac.
dreamgirl54  11/11/2007
Ishmael is a character in Lemony Snicket's final book in 'Series of Unfortunate Events," entitled 'The End.' In the book, Ishmael practically rules the island that the three Baudelaire children wash up on. Ishmael is very secretive although he doesn't tolerate secrets within the island civilization. His feet are covered in clay, supposedly because they are "injured" when truthfully he is covering up his eye tattoo matching Count Olaf's. He used to be a member of V.F.D. and secretly has a hideaway on the other side of the island. In the end, Ishmael is last seem on a raft full of people with a poisonous disease, escaping the island.
rory  3/30/2008
Beautiful name! Love Ish, for short.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2008
I don't like this name. It doesn't sound very attractive. No offense, but it will arouse the anger of Jews and fundamentalist Christians, for the biblical Ishmael is vilified in those religions.
bananarama  4/4/2010
I'm sorry, but I think you may have Christians and Jews confused with Puritans. Puritans are the people who named their children Humiliation and Lament because they felt names from the Bible (like John and Mary) were 'too holy' for use. They were kicked out of England by regular Christians, who were creeped out and annoyed by the fatalistic Puritans. Oh, and they eventually died out. Regular Christians and Jews will not burn you at the stake or blow their fuse for using the name Ishmael, so please take your anti-Judeo-Christian sentiment somewhere else.
Now, on my opinions of the name- I think it's an awesome name and I would use it, mostly because I love Moby Dick, and 'Call me Ishmael' is possibly the most epic opening line to ever come out of American literature.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2011
I really like the meaning of Ishmael, "God will hear." Sarah and Abraham were waiting so long for a child and God did hear them... But his promise was not for Ishmael, but for Isaac, and Ishmael and Hagar were sent away, they were outcasts. Sometimes Ishmael is used as another term for "outcast," and that's the association I make with that name so I would never use it for my offspring (even if I do love the literal meaning).
Zinha  10/17/2011
Ishmael Smith, an American basketball player.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
A feminine version of the name is Ishmeala or Ishmaela.
ishy  10/24/2014
I think the name Ishmael is a good, solid, strong, smart-sounding name that ages very well. :) The name seems pretty underused. I love it's meaning! :D.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2015
A character from 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' uses Ishmael as an alias. This name is generally accepted to be a reference to the more popular Ishmael from Moby Dick.
Beastmaster  12/16/2015
Ishmael is in origin an Hebrew name but now it's more used in the Islamic society, especially in the variant Ismail.
Jake Fax  7/19/2016
My parents named me Ismaila because I came from a muslim home. Today I am named Ishmael after my baptism with the catholic. Whatever the case, muslim or christian; the name is giving much luck! Wow! I enjoy it as said above!
White Horse  10/16/2016
Ishmael Beah is a Sierra Leonean author and human rights activist who rose to fame with his acclaimed memoir, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. His most recent novel, Radiance of Tomorrow, was published in January 2014.
cutenose  1/13/2017

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