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I have known this name to be pronounced ee-seh-DOOR-ah or EE-seh-door-ah, EH-seh-door-ah or eh-seh-DOOR-ah.
Dessa  1/27/2007
I have a very nice friend named this, I would rather use this as a middle name because it is a little old fashioned.
Dessa  1/27/2007
The daughter of a friend is called Isidora, only she's named after a city in Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities', which her father was reading at the time. They chose the name by random from the book, and it suits her really well. The book is a great namesake, and in it the city of Isidora is a city of 'dreams', which makes violins and telescopes and the buildings have spiral staircases encrusted with spiral seashells.
UbiquitousUnicycle  7/12/2008
It's striking, but it's too old-fashioned for acceptable first name material. I like that it's so multilingual and it's rare in nearly all the languages it's used in. It would go very nicely as a middle name with a two syllable first name accented on the second syllable -- Marie Isidora, Celine Isidora, Joann Isidora.
mixie  10/22/2008
This name has its roots in ancient Egypt. Goddess ISIS, mother of Horus who was the only one to know the actual name of Ra. The ancient Greeks added the "dora" part of the name which in Greek means "the gift" so the meaning of the name is The Gift of Isis, much like Theodora means God's Gift.
The second meaning is again derived from Greek word for IRON which is SIDERO, so the meaning could be The Iron Lady.
Issidora  4/7/2009
As of late, there has been another spelling and pronunciation. ISSIDORA and pronounced EE-SS-E-DORA.
Issidora  4/7/2009
St. Isidore
Isadora Duncan famous American ballet dancer
Isidora Sideri, Greek singer
Isidora Sekulic Serbian poet
Isidora Bjelica Serbian writer
Isidora Bushkovski
Issidora Serbian makeup artist,
Issidora  4/7/2009
I think this is a genuinely lovely name, although it reminds me of Isabella, for some reason. In which case, I think it would be a great alternative. :)
walesgal92  7/23/2009
It's also used in Portuguese, and pronounced ee-zee-DO-ra. [noted -ed]
mellon.collie  11/19/2009
Please don't let this or Isadora (though I prefer it spelled Isidora) become popular! I really love this name, and am planning on using it in the future. But I fear it becoming popular, because I think that takes away from its uniqueness & charm!

Definitely one of the best names I have ever heard of. It has everything going for it, I especially like that it's bi-lingual, used in all the Slavic speaking countries, in Italian, English, Spanish. You could not go wrong with this name.
blue_belle  12/21/2009
You posted this 6 years ago, but I still wanted to reply because your comment made me laugh a lot! I feel the same way as you about some names, I feel scared to even mention them to people in fear of people discovering them and making them popular!
PurpleManners  10/1/2016
Also, the Macedonian form.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2010
A true favorite of mine, and a much better alternative to the currently overused Isabella and Isobel. I'm not too crazy about the potential nickname Dora, but it's still a fantastic name, and an excellent choice for a daughter.
Black_X  2/7/2012
This is my mom's name. I think it suits her well. I like that it's not too common and the sound of it is nice.
Buneary  10/25/2012
I know I would personally rather meet an Isidora than another freaking Isabella... This name is very pretty and very unique. I think if you named your child Isidora you'd get a lot of compliments for originality. Although, to be honest, I can't imagine seriously calling someone Isidora. And I'm not too fond of izzy or Dora either.
― Anonymous User  4/10/2013
I really like the spelling Isidora (over Isadora) for some reason.
silly_rabbit  9/19/2015
Isidora is the heroine in Melmonth the Wanderer.
Eileen1209864  7/4/2016

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