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Isis is derived from 'aset' meaning 'throne' in ancient Egyptian. The goddess was named after the headdress she wore - the symbol for 'throne'.
-- Anonymous User  4/15/2005
Isis is the cheerleading captain of the East Compton Clovers in the movie "Bring It On."
-- mariej2  6/13/2005
Isis was the goddess of a lot things having to with women: childbirthing, motherhood, etc.
-- Anonymous User  6/21/2005
Isis is pronounced as "EEs-iss" in Swedish, and I think in most non-English languages.
-- Ylva  9/29/2005
This name is very used for Egyptian people. And you see that name a lot for Egyptian characters. And I know that in the ancient Egyptian time a powerful women was named like that. And I love it a lot and it's meaning to.
-- froggys  10/20/2005
This is the name of a fellow student in my acting class. I've never asked what her ethnicity is, but she appears to be Hispanic. We all introduced ourselves by name at the beginning of the semester, and after she introduced herself, I remarked aloud that Isis is "one of the coolest names ever."
-- Phoenix Flower  2/18/2006
Absolutely beautiful, has great origins, I shall be using this name.
-- Nobody  9/1/2006
This is one of my favorite names; it's beautiful on it's own, and the goddess this name comes from is very strong and feminine. She's the goddess of many things, and is one of the most powerful of all the gods and godesses in ancient Egyptian mythology. I'd definitely consider this name for a child. There was also an Egyptian character named Isis in the anime series Yuugiou.
-- Iridosmine  10/16/2006
My name is Isis and it is pronounced eez-eez, I am Italian.
-- RainbowSerpent  4/4/2007
I am in LOVE with this name. I think it is beautiful for a little girl and grows well with them into adulthood. I prefer the spelling Isys though.
-- jaimej  7/2/2007
I think Isis is a pretty name.
-- violetagate  8/10/2007
In my opinion, Isis is an elegant and classy name for a girl. If I ever would change my name, it would be this name.
-- aquaspirit96  12/28/2007
Isis is an alternative name for the Thames river around Oxford England.
-- AndrewJKD  4/13/2008
Too hippy for real life, but a beautiful Egyptian mythology name and one of those names you just love. I gave it to my beautiful kitten.
-- jolidanstitre  5/20/2008
Isis is a transgender contestant on the show America's Next Top Model.
-- bibi66  8/16/2008
Intriguing name, yet there is some unknown reason which prevents me from ever wanting to name a kid this. It just irks me.
-- GunsnRoses8794  11/23/2008
This name is so exotic and beautiful! It's ethereal, feminine, classy and unique. Makes me wish my parents had thought of it!
-- Anonymous User  12/6/2008
This name is really exotic and pretty! It reminds me of ice. I would name twin girls Isis and Crystal.
-- kool_babe14  5/8/2009
The Dutch pronunciation is EE-sis.
-- X-Mar  6/17/2009
In the mid '70's there was a cool TV show called "Isis." It was about a young woman, Andrea Thomas (played by JoAnna Cameron), who found an ancient, Egyptian amulet that could turn her into Isis. As the goddess, she fought evil and helped those in trouble. DC Comics bought the rights to the character and included her in some of their story lines.
-- breakofday  7/30/2009
I think this is a beautiful name for a cat.
-- Kaat5  2/23/2010
Isis the goddess. I like this name and I think it would be a brilliant idea to name a child Isis. Pagans would definitely consider it. It doesn't hurt to be unique.
-- Anonymous User  7/9/2010
I'm afraid that I can never use this name because Isis, the trans gender, from cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model.
-- Anonymous User  10/15/2010
I love this name! I wish I could be named this:)
-- Anonymous User  10/21/2010
I really love it. So beautiful and royal-sounding. One of my friends has a daughter named Bethany Isis, and I find that a very nice combo.
-- Black_X  7/12/2011
I find Isis too difficult to pronounce, especially for those who have lisps. I prefer Iris for that reason.
-- Dawson  7/30/2011
Catwoman has a black cat named Isis. Ive always wanted to do the same! >X3
-- GreenKitsune  11/27/2011
Isis is the name of the dog in Downton Abbey.
-- lizanna86  1/24/2013
Cool name for a husky! For a person... Not so much.
-- Anonymous User  1/24/2013
I think Isis is one of the coolest and most individual names out there. It's unlikely for you to meet more than one Isis in your life, so it's easy to remember them. If you were to name your daughter Isis there is no doubt that she won't have to go by Isis M. or Isis C. (or whatever your last initial is). The name Isis makes me envision a smart, exotic, pretty, and cynical type of girl, like someone with the personality of Megara from Disney's Hercules.
-- avengingangelx3  6/17/2013
It's not a very sturdy name anyways... To be honest, it sounds like a porn star's name. Why not go for Iris instead?
-- Anonymous User  7/30/2013
I do love the sound of this name but it feels a bit overused.
-- Emmettsmomma2010  11/8/2013
This is an unusual name for an individual to possess. The IE-sis pronunciation could be an alternative to Iris.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  7/30/2014
I just want to add that what I meant by this name's pronunciation being an alternative to Iris, I meant the NAME could be an alternative to the name Iris and that the pronunciation is different (of course) THOUGH it's sort of similar sounding, which is perfect for those who like this kind of sound.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  9/7/2014
Name of the Day: July 30, 2014.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  7/30/2014
As commented by Ylva before me, it's also pronounced EE-sees or EES-ees in other languages such as Spanish.
-- bomboalos16  8/15/2014
Looks like the terrorist organization has trashed this name.
-- PinkJazzX  9/18/2014
I think there might be a number of people called Isis who will wish they had been called Iris. Time will tell if Isis becomes a shunned name like Adolf and (in the UK) Myra, but at present this Australian girl's experiences may be commonplace:
-- Just Jonquil  10/22/2014
I have a 5 year old daughter named Isadora (meaning: Gift of Isis) and Isis is me and my husband's nickname for her.

Some people have asked me to change her nickname because of the terrorist group. Can't the BBC just say the I.S.?

I absolutely adore this name and I don't care what others think. This is a magical, ethereal name- why is there such a negative association with it?!
-- Anonymous User  12/31/2014
Such a pity the terrorists are called ISIS. I agree with the person above me, why can't the media call them IS?

It's such a lovely, pretty name, only time will tell if it becomes shunned by society.
-- sazzlesarah  2/26/2015

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