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Pronounced EYE-thun?

Very pretty.
-- 910  9/29/2009
Pronounced ee-THUN, with a hard 'th' diphthong like in "that".
-- erb816  4/8/2010
Personally, I think Iðunn sounds much prettier than Idun, or any of the other related named that replaced 'ð' with a 'd' instead of a 'th' diphthong. Maybe I could add Ithunn to this site.
-- erb816  4/8/2010
Where I live I am certain this name would be mispronounced as Ethan.
-- Kyrie  5/21/2015
The name is used in Iceland.
-- jegharenbumsipanden  3/22/2016
Also Faroese.
-- cutenose  3/23/2016

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