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Ivanna Humpalot was the name of the temptress working with Number 2 in the first Austin Powers movie.
ljc  4/9/2006
Evanna Lynch, the actress who plays the amazing character written by J. K. Rowling Luna Lovegood.
jkrowlingfan21  8/16/2007
Evanna is a completely different name. For a start, it's Irish.
rachypiesheepbaa  8/4/2008
I'm Russian, and I have never, not once, met, heard of, or read about a Russian Ivanna.
mysticowl  8/26/2007
I like this spelling of Ivanna better.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2007
I can't really picture this name without 'Tinkle' behind it (as in Bart Simpson's partical joke to Moe's Tavern). Users beware.
IronTears  6/9/2008
This name may be extremely rare in Russia, but perhaps it would come in useful to a Russian parent who wanted to name their daughter in honour of a family member called Ivan or perhaps in honour of the mother's maiden name (if it was Ivanova).
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
I was named Ivanna in honor of my family, however, I hate my name so much. Sure, it sounds beautiful (mine is pronounced the Russian way) but I have gotten called Ivanna Humpalot before, and it was strange to me. I am kind of disgusted at how she is a bad Russian woman stereotype. When I can, I think I'll look for a new name. I was thinking maybe to Anya or so.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2015
There is no Russian name as Ivanna, in Russia it is Ioanna, Zhanna.
IVANNA is the Ukrainian name, feminine form of IVAN, also Ivanka, Ioanna, Yana, Yanina.
whateverms  12/20/2017

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