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In Polish Izabela is pronounced ee-za-BEL-a. The standard pet form used is Iza (ee-za). [noted -ed]
ADT  6/19/2006
Izabela is also a girls name in Croatia.
goricar  3/30/2010
Izabela is also Slovene name. And short version is Iza.
katarina ana  1/31/2011
Izabela is also the Georgian form of Isabella.

In Georgian, Izabela is written as: იზაბელა.
Lucille  6/5/2013
Other diminutives for Izabela are in Polish:
Iza, Izka, Izabel, Isabell (anglicanized), Izuś, Izunia

However in Polish, Isabel (Izabela) and Elizabeth (Elżbieta) are TWO DIFFERENT NAMES, so don't make a mistake on that part. The same in English, Isabel is a name 'borrowed' from Spain, where it was local version of Elizabeth. For the English these 2 are different, but for the Spanish 'Elizabeth' is always 'Isabel'. In French they are just different variants of the same name.
Eliska97  1/21/2016
Izabela Dylewska is a Polish sprint canoer who competed from 1987 to 1997. Competing in three Summer Olympics, she won two bronze medals in the K-1 500 m event, earning them in 1988 and 1992.

Dylewska's first success on the international kayaking scene occurred at the 1987 World Championships when she won a silver medal in the women's K-1 500 m event, which would prove to be her best event over the ensuing years. Dylewska won a second world championships' silver medal in the K-1 500 m in 1989.

In 1995, Dylewska partnered with Elżbieta Urbańczyk to win the silver medal at the 1995 World Championships in the women's K-2 500 m. Dylewska's partnership with Urbańczyk would result in two gold medals at the 1997 European Championships (K-2 200 m and K-2 1000 m), as well as a silver medal (K-2 200 m) and bronze medal (K-2 1000 m) at the 1997 World Championships.
lilolaf  2/22/2017

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