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-- FlakyMatt  11/12/2011
It is also commonly pronounced "jay-SEE" (like the initials JC).
-- Nyx  12/16/2011
I'm sorry, but this isn't a name. It's just the first syllable of Jason. It even sounds incomplete. Frankly, I'm rather surprised at Jace's surge in popularity.
-- erb816  3/14/2013
What the...? Why is this all of a sudden in the top 100? Is it because one of those horrible teen mom "stars" used it? It's an ok nickname for Jason, but it just doesn't sound right as a full name. It sounds very similar to the overly youthful and trendy "chase", which isn't a very good thing. At least it's not another -aden name. But names that have rapid surges in popularity are usually not good choices.
-- Anonymous User  6/15/2013
Jace Wayland is a main character of The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare, The books are very popular and are currently being made into films, this is possibly why the names popularity has gone up recently.
-- Grace_Scarlette  7/26/2013
Ew. I've never heard of that book, but people should really be naming their children after family members or actually important people, not teenage book characters. I bet a lot of people who use this 'name' are teen parents.
-- Anonymous User  7/26/2013
I have to agree. I have never heard of the character in question, but I think if you're gonna name your child after a literary figure, at least pick one that's from a classic book with history, not some trendy fad that no one will remember in 5 years.
-- Anonymous User  7/26/2013
Personally I quite like this name, defiantly not a favorite but it's not bad, I think it would be much better as a nickname, and frankly I think its seriously obnoxious and snooty to insist that you cant name a child after a literary character unless its from a classic like Jane Eyre or Shakespeare's works. Yes those characters are all great but so might be other more unknown characters. Books and stories can change peoples lives and to say that you cant show your appreciation or love of a certain character due to the fact that a name you don't like is used in the book is ridiculous, I find it especially ridiculous that you have said in your comments that you've never even heard of the book, How would you know what its about or who the character is? I'v never read the book either, but those are really sanctimonious comments.
-- Anonymous User  8/22/2013
Let me get this straight. Jason is losing popularity in favor of Mason, yet its FIRST SYLLABLE has cracked the top 100? Sure, it's a cute nickname for Jason, but it just sounds tacky and incomplete as a legal name.
-- mrose19  8/23/2013
Personally, I love the name Jace, and what difference does it make if you name your child after a Dickens character or a character from a modern boom? It's not as if all classic book names are good names, look at Wackford Squeers!
-- caitlinkitty  5/4/2014

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