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Yaffe is the male form. It should be Yaffa. [noted -ed]
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Pronounced yah-feh.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
I think it sounds great, but since I'm not Jewish, I think using the name would seem a bit odd. I don't know. It sounds nice, though.
erb816  12/17/2009
In English, it would be pronounced between Yaw-feh and Yah-fuh. The "e" on the end does not have exact duplication in English.

In Dutch, it is correctly spelled as a masculine name with a J. In some European countries, this is a feminine name. However, the Hebrew Y is still represented with the Germanic J at the beginning of the name (although pronounced the same). In both cases, this name is very rare in the modern world. Some languages/dialects change the final 'e' to an 'a' or 'ar'. (Jaffa, Jaffar).

It is much more common as a Jewish surname, still spelled with a J.

In any case, it is still recognized as having a Hebrew root meaning "beautiful".
jdegsol  9/26/2016

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