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The name Jalen comes from Jalen Rose, a University of Michigan basketball player in the early 1990's. When naming my first son after him in 1993, I had the U of M basketball office call his mother to ask the origin of the name. He is named after 2 family members combined - James and Leonard.
amidalafan1  11/28/2005
In the United States, the regular use of Jalen is clearly attributable to the career of the basketball player Jalen Rose, so its origin is "a blend of James and Leonard", as that was how his mother created his name. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  10/11/2007
My friend's mother named her daughter Jailyn, a possible feminine variant of "Jalen". Upon inquiry, I discovered that the name was a combination of Jay (short for Jamie) and "Lynn", the mother's middle name.
Lilith_Aveline  9/4/2006
I just don't like this name at all. It's just, ewww. But that is my opinion. It reminds me of Joslyn. Not masculine AT all.
ASLBankes  11/7/2006
I think this is a really cool name, actually.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2007
This is one of my favourite names! The only thing I would change is to spell it "Jaelen" so it could be an anagram for "Jelena".
― Anonymous User  6/25/2007
Sounds like the action of putting a person to jail. Lazily constructed, far from classy, and not a good grown-up name.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
My friend named her daughter this, but spells it Jeylan. My friend is originally from Turkey, and she says in Turkey this is a girl’s name. I like it for a girl, but would never use it for a boy. It sounds too feminine to me.
TiffanyS  5/22/2008
I think this name is even worse than Jaden, Caden, Brayden, and Aiden.
bananarama  8/2/2008
Jalen Rose's mother should have gone with "James Leonard" instead of ramming two perfectly fine names into this monstrosity. Once your son is over five years of age, this name will no longer be cute; who will take him seriously, and especially when he heads for the job market? Children are not toddlers forever; they eventually grow up and their names are expected to fit them throughout their lives.
gaelruadh19  1/27/2009
I thought that this name is Slovenian. I know a boy from Slovenia whose name is Jalen and it is pronounced YA-len.
enchy  3/21/2009
In 1569 muster roll in Kenwyn Cornwall jalen is listed as a weapon that can be used in battles. Site is
jennesse  8/27/2010
Um, if you put James and Leonard together, wouldn't you get JAMARD or JAMLEO, not JALEN?
keepitreal  1/29/2011
Another tryndie mess. Naming is getting out of control here in the US. Parents are making things up, not thinking about all the beautiful REAL names out there, and completely ignoring the fact that their children won't be young forever. I mean really, would James Leonard have been such a bad idea?
Black_X  10/7/2011
I personally think the name is beautiful. I see it as only a boy name however. I read somewhere that it is actually a historical name meaning "bird of light" and true to that the name sounds very light and angelic. It makes me imagine a very sweet gentle compassionate loving boy. I adore the name.
Navyangel323  3/26/2012
Here's a hint: if the definition of a name says: "an invented name", you probably shouldn't give it to your child! This isn't a real name! It was a name someone gave to their son to honor his grandfather's, and if you ask me, it's kind of creepy that other people are giving it to their children. I felt like I was about to vomit while reading all the comments saying they know people who named their daughters this and spelled it "jailyn, or jaelynne, or jaylyn, or whatever. The perfect example of why I absolutely, positively HATE modern names.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2013
I don't really have an opinion about this name but I do know a few guys named this (one is Ja'Lin I think) and they're all pretty chill and not ghetto at all. I feel like it's one of those names that has the potential to be ghetto but it really depends on who's using it.
hizakigrace  3/20/2013
I do not like this name, it sounds like Jail. In my opinion there should be a law about made-up names like this one.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2014
My name is Jaelyn and I'm a girl. I love my name, and do not care what other people think about it. Whenever I tell someone my name I only get compliments.
Jaexx  5/4/2015
My name is Jalen and I am a male. My name is extremely unique and I get complimented on it all the time. Whenever I'm entering a group of people and we're introducing each other, almost every time someone will take interest and ask about it. I would say name your kid Jalen, but I don't want my name to lose its uniqueness :)
― Anonymous User  7/18/2015
I find it interesting that this name is referred to as "invented," whereas names like Jaylyn, Kaelee, etc are listed on BtN as simply being the combination of popular prefixes and suffixes. Also, I'm pretty sure Jalen was being used for the same reasons as the aforementioned names before Jalen Rose became famous.

I'm disappointed in the lack of consistency here.
silly_rabbit  8/10/2015
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― Anonymous User  10/20/2015
I love my name and I'm proud to be named after one of the greatest college and NBA (mainly college) legends of all time. The name does not become a bother after the age of 5, it actually grows with the person named Jalen. Jalen is an amazing name that should be respected. I'll take Jalen over Adam or Bill or David or (insert extremely common male first name here) any day of the week.
MyNameIsJalen  7/19/2016
(Basketball) Jalen Rose.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2016
Critiques of a name sound presumptuous and petty. A privilege of being a parent is you get to name your children. But it's not ours to name or re-name other people's children.
LukeyL  1/30/2018

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