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Jaromír is my brother´s name. It´s a pretty name.
Home form: Jára, Jarek, Jarda, Míra, Mirek, Jaroušek, Jaromírek, etc.

Famous bearers: Jaromír Jágr - hockey player from Kladno
Jaromír Hanzlík - actor from Český Těšín
Jarek Nohavica a Yarda Helešic - Czech musicians
Karel Jaromír Erben - Czech poet from 19th century
... and of course Jára Cimrman.
Maggie_Simpson  8/13/2006
I thought Jára (da) Cimrman was Jaroslav.
HanaB  10/18/2007
A famous bearer of the name Jaromír is the Czech ice hockey player Jaromír Jágr.
Radoslava_F  1/19/2007
Pronounced as "Yar-o-MEER ".
Karcoolka  10/28/2007
Jaromír Vejvoda composed Škoda lásky (Beer Barrel Polka, also known as Roll Out the Barrel).
Emilie007  9/7/2008
I love this name. The meaning of it, the sound of it. I imagine a hero of an ancient legend bearing this name. One of my favourites. Also a Serbian name.
mssdm  11/11/2009
Famous bearers:
Jaromír Blažek, Czech football goalkeeper
Jaromír Bosák, Czech sport broadcaster
Jaromír Drábek, Czech politician
Jaromír Funke, Czech photographerG
Prof. Ing. Jaromír Gottvald, CSc., Czech scientist
Mgr. Jaromír Chalupský, Czech physicist
Dr. Jaromír Jirkovský, Czech physicist
Jaromír Kohlíček, Czech politician
Ing. Jaromír Lederer, CSc, Czech chemist
Jaromír Mayer, singer
Jaromír Nosek, Czech actor
Ing. Jaromír Příhoda, CSc, scientist
Jaromír Strnad, Czech politician and senator
Jaromír Soukup, Czech bussinessman
Jaromír Sedláček, Czech lawyer
Jaromír Smetana, husband of Czech dancer Yemi A. Dele
Jaromír Vejvoda, Czech composer and the author of the "Škoda lásky" (Beer Barrel Polka)
Prof. MUDr. Jaromí, Czech American composer.
Meg_Simpson  11/21/2011

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