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Charlie Brown is called "Jaska Jokunen" in Finnish.
Elizabeta  8/27/2005
This is only a nickname. No one would use this as the actual name in Finland, especially since it rhymes with the Finnish word 'paska', which is the Finnish equivalent of the s-word.
slight night shiver  4/24/2008
I've never heard of anyone actually having this as a first name, but according to the Finnish Population Register Centre it has been used as a name at least from the 1920's. Even this year it's already been given to one boy.
nenmo  6/24/2009
This is cute, I guess, but definitely a nickname-name...
SimoneKadele  4/11/2015
Jaska is the name of the drummer from the Metal band, Children of Bodom.
KettuMusta  5/15/2016
It's not the most beautiful nickname for Jacob, but it's still good I believe.
Jake Fax  6/26/2016

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