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I really like this name Javan. I have seen it spelled Javen before for a boy. I like the history of this name. This was the name of Noah's grandson in the bible. Also how it means Greece in Hebrew. I was once on a website that suggested the meaning could also mean Angel of Greece.
Tito82  12/26/2006
From the same as yonah, a Hebrew word meaning dove. Yonah is the Hebrew form of Jonah.
Atarah Derek  7/14/2007
My cousin's name is Javen, and she is a girl!
Paris44  7/3/2008
Yes Javan has the meaning of Greece. But it actually means Angel of Greece. I love this name. It is a great name for a boy.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2008
Actually, it means 'dove,' same as Jonah. Although I think I prefer the name Javan to Jonah. Something about the J and V sounds together in the name.
Atarah Derek  12/16/2009
This is a wonderfully historic name. It is biblical and also historical in Greece. Also this is the name of Noah's grandson. Noah as in Noahs Ark. I love the meaning of Angel of Greece. And I love the sound of the name. This name is a classic. It would age well and it is adorable for a little baby boy. I just love this name.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2008
Even though this name ends in an, it is not a trendy name. Some find names trendy due to spelling and sound of what is "in" at the moment. But this is a historical name. It is not made up or kre8tive like some trendy names. This name is biblical and very historical. It is a classic unlike trendy names. It also isn't very popular. I like it that way. I don't like overly popular and trendy names. So I am so intrigued with this name. I love it!
― Anonymous User  7/28/2008
Another site listed a possible meaning for Javan as "effervescent", as in high-spirited or active.
Modern-Day Jane  3/4/2009
I love this name. We chose this name for our baby boy!
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  6/12/2010
Means Angel of Greece.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011
Javan means "miry" as in an unsure foothold.

Javan was likely a very intelligent dreamer who liked to avoid certainty and burdensome commitments. He had great difficulty making decisions, and turned out to be a bit of an outcast in society. This ultimately drove him to the sea, which he fell in love with. It was his only means of escape from a cold world that was always demanding things from him. Finally, at long last, he could be care-free. Just him and the soothing sound of ocean waves.
route87  10/21/2012
I looked through what the Hebrew scholars had on this and they all agree at least it is a pun. Yes, it is a cousin of the word "dove" like Jonah aurally, and yes it has part of the meaning of the word "miry" (the root), and was used to name Greece (place name). However, all the letters added together spell the meaning "Mud-man". It was an understood pun in Hebrew to refer back to Adam without being called by the same name.
lowcal historyan  5/26/2016
A very nice name, but I don't like how it sounds like Java.
XironDarkstar  11/26/2017

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