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I really like this name Javan. I have seen it spelled Javen before for a boy. I like the history of this name. This was the name of Noah's grandson in the bible. Also how it means Greece in Hebrew. I was once on a website that suggested the meaning could also mean Angel of Greece.
-- Tito82  12/26/2006
From the same as yonah, a Hebrew word meaning dove. Yonah is the Hebrew form of Jonah.
-- Atarah Derek  7/14/2007
My cousin's name is Javen, and she is a girl!
-- Paris44  7/3/2008
Yes Javan has the meaning of Greece. But it actually means Angel of Greece. I love this name. It is a great name for a boy.
-- Anonymous User  7/27/2008
Actually, it means 'dove,' same as Jonah. Although I think I prefer the name Javan to Jonah. Something about the J and V sounds together in the name.
-- Atarah Derek  12/16/2009
This is a wonderfully historic name. It is biblical and also historical in Greece. Also this is the name of Noah's grandson. Noah as in Noahs Ark. I love the meaning of Angel of Greece. And I love the sound of the name. This name is a classic. It would age well and it is adorable for a little baby boy. I just love this name.
-- Anonymous User  7/28/2008
Even though this name ends in an, it is not a trendy name. Some find names trendy due to spelling and sound of what is "in" at the moment. But this is a historical name. It is not made up or kre8tive like some trendy names. This name is biblical and very historical. It is a classic unlike trendy names. It also isn't very popular. I like it that way. I don't like overly popular and trendy names. So I am so intrigued with this name. I love it!
-- Anonymous User  7/28/2008
Another site listed a possible meaning for Javan as "effervescent", as in high-spirited or active.
-- Modern-Day Jane  3/4/2009
I love this name. We chose this name for our baby boy!
-- EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  6/12/2010
Means Angel of Greece.
-- Anonymous User  8/6/2011
Javan means "miry" as in an unsure foothold.

Javan was likely a very intelligent dreamer who liked to avoid certainty and burdensome commitments. He had great difficulty making decisions, and turned out to be a bit of an outcast in society. This ultimately drove him to the sea, which he fell in love with. It was his only means of escape from a cold world that was always demanding things from him. Finally, at long last, he could be care-free. Just him and the soothing sound of ocean waves.
-- route87  10/21/2012

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