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This name is pronounced juh-NET.
-- DLB  8/31/2006
I think this name suggests someone who is really intelligent, thoughtful and quiet.
-- annavedette  3/15/2007
This reminds me of the Christmas carol "Bring a torch, Jeannette Isabella. Bring a torch, to the cradle run. It is Jesus, good folk of the village. Christ is born, and Mary's calling. Ah! Ah! Beautiful is the mother! Ah! Ah! Beautiful is the son!"
-- KrisMichelle  8/9/2007
Jeannette is Jeannie Ortega's real name.
-- CharlieRob  8/19/2007
Jeannette Walls is the author of The Glass Castle. I had to read this book for my college English class and I loved it. I reccomend the book to everyone.
-- xKatiex  8/27/2008
This name is not very common, which I like. Also, it seems more suitable for a child or young woman than the English form, Janet.
-- Anonymous User  12/8/2008
Jennette is derived from Jeannette, and Jennette McCurdy is the co-star of the hit Nickelodeon show, iCarly. She also released her debut country single, "So Close" in March of 2009.
-- tcatron565  9/12/2009
English pronunciation is "zha-NET".
-- MaggieSimpson  9/18/2009
This name is so pretty, unfortunately I don't know any Jeannettes. I find it sad that this name is no longer in the top 1000, you'll be hard pressed to find one. I think this is a great choice for a daughter, and though I wouldn't choose it myself, I would highly recommend it for someone who is considering it. Jennie is a cute nickname too :)
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2013
The pronunciation is more like what the first poster said. Zha-NET is what I would assume to be the French pronunciation. Both are very pretty.
-- Anonymous User  6/12/2013
The name Jeannette was given to 47 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
The name Jeannette was very popular from 1930 to the 1950's in France. It's now very rarely given to baby girls, ranking 5, 217th in 2010.
-- bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
Also a term for a small ironing board in French.
-- Anonymous User  4/3/2015

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