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I loved the TV show I Dream of Jeannie when I was a kid!
― Anonymous User  5/24/2007
Barbara Eden was known for her starring role in I Dream of Jeannie of which she starred and the character was named Jeannie.
menehunenamer  9/14/2010
My name is Jeannie because my Korean name is 진 아 (Jin-Ah). Most Koreans have two names, a Korean and an English name, but mine works in both languages.
jeannie.  12/22/2010
The name Jeannie was given to 24 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Jeannie C. Riley (b. 1945), famous country singer.
DundiculutNicholas  2/10/2017
Jeannie Mai is an American hostess, fashion expert, executive producer and TV personality. She is most known for How Do I Look?, and USA's Character Fantasy. As a fashion expert, she is frequently featured on numerous television programs and networks such as NBC's Today Show on the "Fashion Tips Today" segment, Extra TV, Entertainment Tonight, Insider and E! Entertainment as well as NBC's co-owned pageant Miss Universe.
lilolaf  3/11/2017

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