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I really like this name. It reminds me of the sweetness and diplomacy Jane or Joanne has, but is more elegant, in a way.
-- Ryneth  8/8/2009
It could be a variation of Jehan, the Iranian name that means world.
-- Tarragon  12/4/2009
The "h" makes it look a bit harsh.
-- Dawson  12/20/2010
In the book “The Maid, ” this is the romanization of the name Joan/Jeanne that the author uses for Joan of Arc/Jeanne d’Arc.
-- Anonymous User  9/29/2012
Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) signed some of her letters 'Jehanne'. Some of those letters still exist, and can be found via google search.
-- Theodore-Lenin  5/14/2013

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