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I attended school with a girl named Jeri (or Jerri) back around 1970. The name was very unique for that time period and I personally thought it was cool and very modern. There were always a few who poked fun at her for having a "guy's" name but she ignored their childish rants.
lemontree  6/14/2019
Seems refreshing and spunky to me. I don't mind it at all.
linden-tree-murmur  5/3/2016
Jerri Manthey is a Survivor contestant who appeared on both Australian Outback & All-Stars. She also appeared on some movies such as Commando vs Cobra.
sddorme  7/7/2009
I have a hard time picturing a male Jerry that shouldn't be punched in the face. That's basically the reason I think you should refrain from naming your poor daughter Jerri. Come on, she hasn't done anything wrong. Don't punish her until she deserves it.
slight night shiver  6/9/2008
The character Jerri Blank, the 46 year old high school Freshmen, from the show "Strangers with Candy".
astoundingly  7/17/2007

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