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kayisforkeen  8/30/2018
My name is spelled Jerrod, and it's pronounced Jer-Rod, people call me Jared but it clearly says Jer-rod, soo yes this name is a tricky one.
RiotBoi JP  1/15/2017
My named is spelled Jerrod and I feel this is the best way to spell the name.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2016
This is about both the origin and pronunciation of this name. The origin is actually from the English/German Gerard. It is pronounced "jer-RAHD." The "rod" at the end should be pronounced like the word "rod." The difference in spelling from Jared or Jarred in meant to clearly differentiate the sounds. Over time, some English speakers have "mistakenly" used the name as "Jared," despite its very clear difference in phonetics.
Politikskribe  8/6/2014
This is my husband's name. It's an unusual spelling that turns the "relatively" common name of Jared into something more unique. When I first met my husband I thought Jerrod was a little strange but now when I see the name "Jared" it looks like "jarred" to me (as in, to put something in a jar)!
keight425  4/12/2009
No offense to anyone who spells it this way, but I really don't like this spelling of Jared. I think Jared is better than any other of its alternative spellings!
CharlieRob  5/5/2007

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