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Jessi Colter is a country music singer and a composer. However, she's best known as the wife of Waylon Jennings and the mother of Shooter Jennings.
audreyhubley  8/5/2006
Even though this is a popular name, I only know one person named Jessi. She is funny, nice, tall, and she is pretty, just like her name.
libbygirl  9/30/2006
This is better than Jessie. It looks more girly.
libbygirl  9/30/2006
I don't like this name at all! I think it reminds me of a cowgirl name.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2008
I have a friend with the name Jessica; she hates it however and goes by Jessi or more frequently "Sharki."
Anyway, it's pretty enough, but the awful Jessi Slaughter ruined it for me.
Thanks to her, this name will always mean (to me, at least) scenewhore-chav-liar.
DaphneSusan  10/14/2010
I LOVE this name, honestly. It seems very down to earth. Slightly tomboy, yet cute and sassy ;)
RandomUser  11/29/2015

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