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Pronounced YIN-drzikh.
HanaB  10/18/2007
Jindřich is a fictional character from the fairy-tale "Princezna ze mlejna" (1994). He is played by Radek Valenta.
Emilie007  9/12/2008
Jindřich Přemyslovec († in 1169) was a son of Czech duke Vladislav I and Richenza van Berg. His wife was Markéta.
Children: Jindřich Břetislav, Markéta, Alžběta.

Jindřich Břetislav III (died 15 or 19 June 1197) was the duke of Bohemia from 1193 to his death. Being the bishop of Prague since 1182, he was also a prince of the Holy Roman Empire. He was a son of Jindřich, son of Vladislav I.
Emilie007  10/23/2008

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